Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Get your Child or Baby started in Modeling

I've had a lot of people ask about how to get their baby or child started in modelling so I figure I could give some tips and pointers. When I first started, my daughter was about 3 months old and I was at home on mat leave and bored and thought it would be something fun to do. I researched a lot on google of course and read a lot about it before I decided to get her into it. I'm not an expert by any means as my daughter is only 2 1/2 so we haven't been doing it for very long but I figure this could be a starting point for you if interested. I'll be doing a series of blogs to break down the different sections.

Kingston, 13 months for Omaiki washable diapers

Before you Start Seriously Considering it

95% of auditions and photoshoots are done on the weekday during regular working hours so you must have a flexible schedule or be willing to take time off of work to be committed to it. Castings and photoshoots are not guaranteed and they can be very last minute, I once had to bring Kayla in for an audition the very next day! It's rare but it does happen. So if you're ready for that type of commitment then read on!

The Basics

  • Take clear photos of your child, at least one headshot and full body. These do not have to be professional but make sure that they're clear if you snap on your iphone (especially since they tend to move a lot) 
  • Research agencies in your local area and email them the photos. Personally I prefer sticking with an agency that specializes in kids but the bigger name ones are also good to go to. You've probably heard a lot about modelling scams and agencies that ask about upfront fees. The modelling world has evolved a little bit so I'll get into this in a different blog post but my first advice is to make sure to ask a LOT of questions.
  • If the agency is interested, they will ask to meet with you and your child. First they will talk to the parents to explain the agency structure and how things work. Then they will talk with the child or if you have a baby they will take him/her aside and see how he/she reacts with strangers. Agencies usually sign a 1 year contract but it's not unheard of to sign 5 years with them. Make sure to read the fine print and ask questions if you're unsure.
  • If you don't get an answer or hear back from the agency don't be discouraged! Rejection is an unfortunate part of the industry and it doesn't mean that your kid isn't cute. Agencies can get up to hundreds of submissions a day so it would take a lot of time to reply to everyone. If you don't get an answer, try submitting again in 4-6 months with different photos. Good agencies will not overload their roster by adding too many kids. For example if they already have 5 babies with blonde hair and blue eyes, they might not want to add another.
I hope this will give you some pointers in the right direction. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions!

Kayla Belle at 20 months for Trois Moutons

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Outfit of The Day

Kingston's Outfit of the Day:
I absolutely adore this outfit from Petit Lem and actually had him wear it a couple of times already! I wasn't sure at first about shiny pants on a boy but have gotten so many compliments on it and it looks so chic in real life ;D

Out shopping at the mall

LOL This was taken at our Christmas party and he's in the perfect "Gangnam style" dance pose. 

I'm still trying to figure out how the blogging works as well as taking time to edit the pictures and posts definitely takes longer than I thought! New Year's resolution is to try to update more ;) Thanks for bearing with me.

Kingston: Petit Lem (top & pants), Jordans shoes
Kayla: Bebe Boheme Baby Halo for Angels dress, Mexx shoes

Mommy's iPhone & Guong Le (2nd set)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Photos

I'm usually so last minute with our Christmas photos and cards that this year I decided to schedule it in October!! Yes that's right, I became "that" mom. At least I didn't start in summer right? Haha I probably could well do that one day. Who knows!
Our photographer is Anthony Ferla ( who was our phenomenal photographer for our wedding. He came over with a huge red backdrop and lights to get us looking our best. I can't say I was disappointed, I'm so beyond amazed at the shots!!

Kayla Belle



Kayla Belle & Kingston together *The only one!*

Anddd here is the official main Christmas Card one!
(Yes I wish we were all looking at the camera with perfect smiles, but eh that's what next year is for :P)
The Official Family Pic :)

Fun facts about the day:
-Kayla Belle was obsessed with the balloons my sister had been using for her engagement photos (she took hers just before we did our shoot). She kept playing with them and rubbing them which is why some of her photos show so many hair flyaways.
-Kingston is usually so easy going and smiles a lot but that day wasn't his top day lol
-Anyone with toddlers know they move soooo much - I was DYING to get a nice sibling shot of them sitting next to each other but that didn't work. The only one we got that was decent was the black and white one posted above.
-Total time for photoshoot took about 2 hours. I'd say that's a success!
Photographer Credit: Anthony Ferla
Clothing: Kayla wearing Bebe Boheme, Halo for Angels
                  Kingston wearing Baby Gap (top) and Children's Place (pants & tie)
Extras: These are just too cute not to share as well ;)
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Saturday, November 22, 2014


The Voice behind the Blog

My name is Kelly and I'm the mom of 2 amazing kids. I'm the owner and manager of a beauty salon but of course spend all my free time with the kiddies! When the kids go to bed, I love surfing pinterest, instagram and random blogs and have always wanted to contribute somehow in my own way. I don't quite know what the direction of my blog will be but for now I'll be blogging about the topics I know most: which is my kids!
Things like kids' fashion, kid photo shoots. baby and kid modeling will be some of the topics I'll be covering. I also wanted to create a memory page for them and wanted to give my friends a break from clogging up their Facebook feeds ;) Hope you'll follow us on our journey :)
Rad Family Portrait Summer 2014
Photo Credit: Josie-Ann Moisan
Kids wearing: Tommy Hilfiger, Trois Moutons, Yellow Shoes

"The Rad Kids"

Kayla Belle Rad: 2.5 years old (born April 15th) loves reciting the alphabet and singing songs. She can be a little on the shy and serious side, but has recently been gaining a lot of confidence and coming out of her shell. She has been modeling since 5 months old with her first appearance in a charity calendar for "Operation Enfant Soleil." Have done photo shoots for companies such as Trois Moutons, Aubainerie, Bebe Boheme, Megablocks and most recently filmed a tv pilot as a main character for "Badass Babies"
Kingston Lu Rad: 15 months (born August 12th) loves playing with trucks and causing chaos. He is super playful and such a happy go lucky child, smile at him and he will smile right back. He was an early walker, at 10.5 months old and he's currently working on his words :)  He booked his first photo shoot at 4 months old for clothing company "Trois Moutons" (sold at Aubainerie). Have also done photo shoots for Mini&Shoe, creation RxP and most recently Omaiki, a rewashable diaper company.
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