Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Photos

I'm usually so last minute with our Christmas photos and cards that this year I decided to schedule it in October!! Yes that's right, I became "that" mom. At least I didn't start in summer right? Haha I probably could well do that one day. Who knows!
Our photographer is Anthony Ferla ( who was our phenomenal photographer for our wedding. He came over with a huge red backdrop and lights to get us looking our best. I can't say I was disappointed, I'm so beyond amazed at the shots!!

Kayla Belle



Kayla Belle & Kingston together *The only one!*

Anddd here is the official main Christmas Card one!
(Yes I wish we were all looking at the camera with perfect smiles, but eh that's what next year is for :P)
The Official Family Pic :)

Fun facts about the day:
-Kayla Belle was obsessed with the balloons my sister had been using for her engagement photos (she took hers just before we did our shoot). She kept playing with them and rubbing them which is why some of her photos show so many hair flyaways.
-Kingston is usually so easy going and smiles a lot but that day wasn't his top day lol
-Anyone with toddlers know they move soooo much - I was DYING to get a nice sibling shot of them sitting next to each other but that didn't work. The only one we got that was decent was the black and white one posted above.
-Total time for photoshoot took about 2 hours. I'd say that's a success!
Photographer Credit: Anthony Ferla
Clothing: Kayla wearing Bebe Boheme, Halo for Angels
                  Kingston wearing Baby Gap (top) and Children's Place (pants & tie)
Extras: These are just too cute not to share as well ;)
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