Saturday, November 22, 2014


The Voice behind the Blog

My name is Kelly and I'm the mom of 2 amazing kids. I'm the owner and manager of a beauty salon but of course spend all my free time with the kiddies! When the kids go to bed, I love surfing pinterest, instagram and random blogs and have always wanted to contribute somehow in my own way. I don't quite know what the direction of my blog will be but for now I'll be blogging about the topics I know most: which is my kids!
Things like kids' fashion, kid photo shoots. baby and kid modeling will be some of the topics I'll be covering. I also wanted to create a memory page for them and wanted to give my friends a break from clogging up their Facebook feeds ;) Hope you'll follow us on our journey :)
Rad Family Portrait Summer 2014
Photo Credit: Josie-Ann Moisan
Kids wearing: Tommy Hilfiger, Trois Moutons, Yellow Shoes

"The Rad Kids"

Kayla Belle Rad: 2.5 years old (born April 15th) loves reciting the alphabet and singing songs. She can be a little on the shy and serious side, but has recently been gaining a lot of confidence and coming out of her shell. She has been modeling since 5 months old with her first appearance in a charity calendar for "Operation Enfant Soleil." Have done photo shoots for companies such as Trois Moutons, Aubainerie, Bebe Boheme, Megablocks and most recently filmed a tv pilot as a main character for "Badass Babies"
Kingston Lu Rad: 15 months (born August 12th) loves playing with trucks and causing chaos. He is super playful and such a happy go lucky child, smile at him and he will smile right back. He was an early walker, at 10.5 months old and he's currently working on his words :)  He booked his first photo shoot at 4 months old for clothing company "Trois Moutons" (sold at Aubainerie). Have also done photo shoots for Mini&Shoe, creation RxP and most recently Omaiki, a rewashable diaper company.
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